About Cincinnati Mosquito

Cincinnati Mosquito was started in 2013 simply because my twin girls could NOT enjoy or play outdoors. This was really frustrating and I simply felt bad for the kids itching and scratching the bites, plus we are not real fans of putting DEET or any chemicals directly on our skin, much less two little ones. One of my girls even caught a potential skin disease from the bites that is being treated by a local dermatologist.

In addition to the little ones, we would entertain other families and their children. You can probably see where this is going……….. same ending. Once I started treating my yard, everyone wanted to be at our house because they knew that the bad bugs (mosquitoes, ticks, and even some bees and wasps) that bite were gone or barely present.

So in 2013 I starting researching the growing popularity of mosquito and tick control services. Yes, there are large franchises that can be purchased for a lot of money. I studied how these large companies were doing it and continued to educate myself and obtained licensing to apply the same products, both insecticide and a more green product.

We are fully insured, bonded, and licensed.

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About Cincinnati Mosquito